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Study Groups in Community

Our members can become study group leaders, gaining recognition and influence.
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Pioneering Teaching Methods

Peer-to-peer (p2p) teaching methodology that favors practical and interactive learning.

Technical and Practical Content

We focus on technical and up-to-date Web3 content, preparing you for the demands of this growing market.
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Strategic Partnerships and Network

Access a network of Web3 partners that sponsor and support developers.
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1.5k Devs

50+ Graduates

Translation and Education:

Technical articles available in Portuguese and Spanish.

Co-production of the Hyperdrive 2023 Hackathon

Technical workshops and support for teams.
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Specialized Bootcamps

Smart contract creation, NFT collection development, and payment solutions.
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Talent Development

A network of over 130 trained Solana developers.
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Watch the Playlist

Click here to see this series of videos about the Solana ecosystem.
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Web3 Natives Partners & Customers

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1. How to connect with the Community Discord?

To connect to the WEB3DEV server and start interacting with the community, you need to have a Discord account. If you haven't already, click [here] to create your account. If you are already registered, click [this link] to access our server. You'll have immediate access to all channels after onboarding and here to access our server. You'll have immediate access to all channels after onboarding and verification.

2. How to follow the Study Groups?

To learn about our Study Groups, visit to see the active classes. On Discord, access the “choose your group” channel to grant access to the group you want and receive notifications about upcoming meetings.

3. Are there requirements to participate in Study Groups?

Study Groups are 100% open to any member of the community. It is important for everyone to assess their own level of knowledge. Leaders often prepare quizzes for students to test what they have learned, in addition to indicating materials that help level knowledge. We offer an inclusive environment with groups at all levels to meet various technical learning needs. We value self-teaching and free learning to boost existing classes.

4. How to make the Builds?

Access the learning platform, create your account, and sign up for free access to Builds. First, choose a project that aligns with your interests and abilities. Complete the lessons, share your progress on Discord, and ask questions with other members. When you finish the project, you get an exclusive NFT from WEB3DEV. Do you need help? Contact us by email 

5. What are the advantages of completing Builds on the platform?

You'll have access to an exclusive Discord channel with other developers and will be supported by monitors and moderators. Lessons are asynchronous, allowing you to complete them at your own pace. When finished, you earn an NFT certification and will be recognized as a graduate member and can participate in other community projects and programs, such as monitoring and mentoring.

6. What is Web3nar?

Web3nar is our series of educational webinars, where experts share their knowledge on current blockchain topics. Watch all the recordings on the Web3nars playlist on YouTube.

7. What is Papo Web3?

Papo Web3 is an informal chat where the community discusses careers, projects, and news on Web3. The meetings are on Discord and any member can participate, asking questions or sharing their experiences. It's a space to meet people and network.

8. Learn to Earn - What is the Melk DAO?

The Melk DAO is a “Learn to Earn” initiative, where you learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies while earning tokens by completing educational missions and activities. In addition to learning how to create your wallet and move tokens, you can ask questions and receive support for each mission.

9. Why publish articles?

Publishing articles allows you to share knowledge, build your reputation in Web3, and contribute to community education. It's a great way to document your progress and specialize. We have our own websites for technical articles in Portuguese and Spanish, and we will soon release an English version.